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Poems of Reflection

Inspire  people – Let them know that there is another way than living on the street.  This is done though a book of poems that will invite people’s prayer requests.  Painting brings inspiration back to God. Helps to put Native culture into perspective and how it is relevant to my life, my ministry and to those around me. Main focus is on the Lord.

Product / Service Offering:

Paintings – Poems – Ministry


Editor – Publishing Company - Grants
New place to live


Study resource sources, foundations, Government Grants

Estimated Time Requirements:

Paintings Ready for Display – Research for Grants, Publishing and an Editor – April completion for data collection. Collect a working list of Editors, Grants, Foundations and Publishers


Brian Gibeault

Brian discovers a talent for poetry that he now wants to use to encourage people who are facing similar struggles. He describes his writing as something that he can barely contain: It flows out of me like its not supposed to be there. Flipping through his binder of poems, he explains how he would love to see his poems published into a book: not for personal gain, but as a comfort for others, People thats out there suffering, you know...I just (want to) give them some kind of encouragement.



Su Thompson

Su Thompson has been working with Brian to edit and put together his book Poems of Reflection.


Andrew Shaw

Andrew has been helping out with Poems of Reflection by helping get the book printed at local printers. Andrew has also been helping out with getting posters and advertising printed, snacks and a location secure for the launch party for Poems of Reflection.

IMG_3587 - Version 2

Scott Shaw

Scott has integral to helping focus the group for Poems of Reflection.